Work Zone Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1180-(f) (VTL § 1180f)


What is a work zone? Work zones are governed by vehicle and traffic law section 1180f (VTL § 1180-(f)), which defines a work zone as a highway construction or maintenance work area. In these areas, the speed limit(s) are usually less than the normally posted speed limits. This is done for the safety of a driver and the people working in the construction or maintenance area. As such, tickets for work zone violations are taken seriously and are assigned the same points as that of speeding violations in non-work zones. Points are correlated to how fast over the speed limit a driver was going. Speeds between 1-10 mph carries 3 points; 11-20 mph carries 4 points; 21-30 mph carries 6 points, 31-40 mph carries 8 points; 41+ carries 11 points. An 11 point conviction, or accrual in an 18 month period, will cause a suspension of NYS driving privileges.

However, unlike non-work zone speeding violations, fines for work zone violations are doubled. A first time conviction of a work zone violation can range from $150 to $600. So when doubled, fines actually range from $300 to $1,200, not to mention the mandatory surcharges. Additionally, work zone convictions will cause an auto insurance increase.


There is no guessing as to when a person is driving through a work zone area. These areas are clearly marked with diamond shaped orange signs notify a driver of work zones. The signs can read “work zone” or “flagger ahead.”  Not following the direction of a work zone flagger directing traffic can result in another kind of ticket –for disobeying a traffic control device (VTL§ 1110-a).


What actions can drivers take to ensure safety when driving in work zones?  SLOW DOWN.  Workers and work vehicles can be located anywhere in the area, including your lane.  Traffic may come to a complete stop, or lanes may end.  These hazards are easier to adapt to at slower speeds.  Because rear-end collisions are the most common type of accident in work zones, giving yourself a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you is the best preventative measure to take.  Another tip is to avoid waiting until the last possible opportunity to merge or switch lanes; do so as soon as possible. Most importantly, some work zones will allow for detours.  These detours avoid the work zone altogether, which is the best choice. 

Should the urge to speed in work zones tempt you, remember the fine is doubled for these tickets.  Also, if you receive two convictions for speeding in work zones within 18 months, your driver license will be suspended.

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