How To Make A New York State Traffic Ticket Go Away

Traffic tickets are annoying, confusing and never planned. They can wreak havoc on a clean driving record. So, “How do you make a traffic ticket go away?”

Traffic tickets are unlikely to “go away,” but there are different ways to handle them. Different options including going to court or avoiding court.

Here are the ways to resolve a NYS traffic ticket:

  • plead guilty
  • plead not guilty and go to trial
  • plea bargain
  • Traffic Diversion Program

Plead Guilty. To plead guilty means that you tell the court you are guilty and pay the fine.

 Points associated with the ticket will then be added to a driving abstract. Depending on the number of points, you may have to pay extra fines and penalties.

 Plea Bargain. This is done by enter a plea of not guilty with the court. After which the court will issue a date and time to appear in court. You will then have an opportunity to lower the points by negotiating, and pleading guilty to, a lesser charge. Any associated points will be added to your driving abstract.

Plead Not Guilty And Go To Trial. If you get to this point, it means that you entered a not guilty plea with the court and rejected a plea offer as described above. After the trial is concluded, a Judge will decide whether a driver is guilty or not guilty of the traffic violation(s). Upon being found guilty, points associated with the violation will be added to a driving history. When found not guilty, no points accumulate to a driving record.

Diversion Program. Some courts offer a Traffic Diversion Program. There are requirements and a fee associated with the Program. After completing the Program, the court will usually dismiss a traffic ticket.

Deciding the best way to make your traffic ticket go away depends on your circumstances and the tickets themselves. The Claro Law Firm can save you money by reducing or eliminating your traffic ticket points. Let your traffic ticket lawyer fight your case. The Claro Law Firm serves all of New York State including Westchester County cities, towns and villages – Yonkers, White Plains, and Ardsley. Consult with us today, for FREE, before you make a costly mistake: 917-300-3334 or online at

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