The Defensive Driving Course

The Program And Its Purpose

The goal of the defensive driving course (also known as the Point and Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP) or Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course) is to provide drivers with information on lawful driving and give techniques for safe driving. Even though private companies offer in-classroom and online courses, the requirements of the course are regulated by the DMV.

Why Take A Defensive Driving Course?

Besides having to pay to take the course, there is no real downfall to taking the class, but it has plenty of benefits.

First and foremost, it is helpful in to fight against a driver license suspension for too many points. When a driver accrues 11 points in an 18-month period in New York State, he or she is subject to a license suspension. However, taking the PIRP will immediately credit 4 points that have accrued in the past 18 months to driver’s abstract. In essence, it fights off potential mandatory suspensions for too many points. It is important to remember that points never “come off” a driving history, so you should always know how many points you have on your driving record.

Another perk of taking the Accident Prevention Course is that it saves you money on your car insurance premiums. Upon completion of the class, your auto insurance company will also be required to reduce your premiums by 10% each year for three years. That can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars!

What The Course Does Not Do

There are limits to what the course can do. For example, taking a safe driving course will NOT excuse a driver from having to pay a driver responsibility assessment fee, and it cannot credit future points. The credits are only applied to existing points. And, the course cannot prevent a mandatory license suspension or revocation.

How To Take The Class

The class can be taken online or in person. Check the DMV website for approved providers. An online class is approximately 6 hours long, but you do not have to finish it in one sitting. In other words, you do not have to take the course all at once. You can complete it over time. A classroom setting course is 320 minutes long and is broke up into multiple sessions.

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