How Out of State Tickets Affect A New York State Driver’s License

A vacation was just what Liza Peeza needed after finishing her first semester at PACE University in Manhattan, New York.  Her ambition in life had always been to become a lawyer.  The reality of long days of school, studying, and temporary jobs had taken their toll.  Liza met her sister AJ and they were headed for home. A road trip with her sister would be nice, but the drive to California would be a killer — over 1,000 miles. As Liza roared through the open road, her hair blew in the wind and she smiled at the fact that home was just 50 miles away. Oh, home sweet home! Flashing lights and a blaring police siren jolted Liza from daydreaming of home. This could not be happening! Noooooooo! Liza was being pulled over for speeding – allegedly going 75 mph in a 55-mph zone.  How would this out of state ticket affect Liza’s NYS driving record?

Liza worried about the ticket on her spotless driving record.  Her worries were soon put to rest when she learned that virtually all out of state traffic convictions do not add violation points to your New York State driving record.  The exception to this is traffic offenses committed in Ontario and Quebec in Canada. 

She was even more delighted to learn that New York State will not suspend a person’s driver license if he or she fails to answer a California traffic violation (scoff). In fact, California is one of six states in which a NYS drivers license will not be suspended for failing answer a traffic violation.  The other states are Alaska, Michigan, Montana, Oregon, and Wisconsin.  In all other states, your New York State driving privileges will be suspended until you submit proof to the NYS DMV that you have resolved your outstanding ticket. 

Driving privileges (driver’s license) in the State of New York will be suspended, if you are over 21 year old, for a minimum of 90 days when a driver is convinced of an alcohol or drug related driving offense in any other state or the providences of Ontario and Quebec. What are the consequences if you are under 21 years of age?  The penalty is the longer of a suspended driver license for a minimum of 1 year, or until a driver reaches 21 years of age. 

Are there other events that occur that are recorded on a NYS driver’s record?  Yes.  Convictions of criminal negligence, homicide, or death that is caused by assault arising from the operation of a motor vehicle.  These convictions are recorded, regardless of what state they occur in, and can result in suspension of person’s driver license and vehicle registration. 

Friends, as always, remember to drive with caution.  Driving outside our home area can be stressful and trigger aggressive driving.  Driving is a privilege and comes with great responsibility because it places other people’s lives in your hands.  Do not take this responsibility lightly.  Maintaining a clean driving record and keeping NYS driving points to a minimum is always the wisest route.

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