What is a work zone? The law says a work zone is a highway construction or maintenance work area. These areas have special speed limits, which are usually less than the normally posted speed limit. The lower speed limit is for the safety of a driver and the people working in the construction or maintenance area.

Since people’s lives are involved, work zone tickets are serious violations and are assigned the same points as a non-work zone speeding violation. Points associated with a work zone speeding violation depends how many miles per hour over the speed limit a driver was going.

Speeds between 1-10 mph carries 3 points; 11-20 mph carries 4 points; 21-30 mph carries 6 points, 31-40 mph carries 8 points; 41+ carries 11 points. An accrual of 11 points in an 18 month period, will cause a suspension of NYS driving privileges.

There are other unique consequences that come with work zone speeding violations. For example fines for work zone violations are doubled. This means fines for first time conviction can range from $300 to $1,200, PLUS a mandatory surcharge. Get ready to pay more money because work zone convictions will cause an auto insurance increase. Also, if you receive two convictions for speeding in work zones within 18 months, your driver license will be suspended.

It is clear when a motorist is driving through a work zone. Work zones are marked with diamond shaped orange signs notify a driver of work zones. The signs can read “work zone” or “flagger ahead.” Not following the direction of a work zone flagger directing traffic can result in another kind of ticket –for disobeying a traffic control device (VTL§ 1110-a).

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