How Long Do Points Stay on Your Driver License in New York State?

The Answer

Brace yourself for the answer: FOREVER. Yes, you read that right. Points stay on your driving record forever, as in forever, ever.

You may have heard people say that after a certain amount of time points come off, or fall off your driver license. That is a myth. The ugly truth is that points stay on your license, or driving history FOREVER. Once points hit your driving record, those bad boys are there to stay as a big fat smudge on your pristine driving history.

Driver Violation Point System

Most traffic violations have points associated with or assigned to them. The points vary depending on the violation. The New York State DMV assesses points to a violation, which is referred to as the NY Driver Violation Point System. This system gives the NYS DMV a way to identify and take action against high-risk drivers.

Points are added to a driving history after a driver is convicted of a traffic ticket violation. The points accumulate to a driving abstract the day the ticket was written, not the date a driver plead guilty or was convicted of the violation.

The silver lining is that after a certain amount of time the points no longer count against a driver or towards his or her total points. The length of time points “count against” a driver depends on who is reviewing a driving record. For example, for the purpose of license suspension, the NYS DMV review a driving record for 18 months; for auto insurance increases, there is a three year review period; and for alcohol related offenses, the review period may be a lifetime.

Point Consequences

There are consequences to an accumulation of points on a driving abstract. They vary and may include a higher insurance rates, a New York State DMV assessment and drivers license suspension and revocations.

There is still hope if points have amassed to a driving record. There is a way to combat the negative consequences of too many points on a driver’s license. The Claro Law Firm can help you, especially if saving time and money and have little to no points accrue to your driving record your goal. Call us now at 917-399-3334 for a free consultation or contact us online at before you make a costly mistake. The Claro Law Firm serves Westchester County, including Peekskill, Mount Vernon, Port Chester, and Yonkers. We have the best New York traffic ticket attorneys ready to help you successfully win your traffic ticket.

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