New York State Point System – How it affects you

New York State functions on a point system and it is especially important to know because of point consequences (for example see our License Revocation blog).

The point system

A point system is associated with traffic violations. Meaning that nearly every traffic violation carries points. New York State DMV assesses points to a violation. It is referred to as the Driver Violation Point System and allows the NYS DMV to identify and punish high-risk drivers.

 How it works

Points are added to a driving record after a person is convicted of a traffic ticket violation. Points are added to a driving record as of the day the ticket was issued, not the conviction date.

How long do points stay on a driving record?

One of the biggest myths about the point system is that after a certain amount of time points come off, or “fall off” a driving abstract. This is not true. Points stay on a driving history FOREVER. Once added, the points are there to stay.

Although points never come off a driver’s abstract, after a certain amount of time the points no longer count against a driver. This “certain amount of time” (AKA look-back period) depends who is reviewing a driving record and why. For example, for purposes of license suspension, the DMV look-back period is 18 months; auto insurance – three years; and for alcohol related offenses, the look-back period may be a lifetime.

The consequences

There are lots of consequences. The most common include higher car insurance rates, a New York State DMV assessment and driver license suspension and revocation.

How to fight points

One way to fight points is to take a DMV approved Point and Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP). Otherwise known as a “safe driving course.” The course credits 4 points to a driving history and will save a driver money on his or her car insurance premium. A second way to fight points is to not get them in the first place. How do you do this?

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