Texting Tickets And Penalties (NYS VTL § 1225-d)

A texting ticket is a serious violation and can have major consequences in terms of money and points. Courts are cracking down on this violation and for good reason – a distracted driver can kill you! But, the roads have become electronic device friendlier by designating “texting zones” along New York State highways and thruways. If you are issued a texting ticket, it is important to handle this ticket the right way. Lets first examine what the law says constitutes Use Of Portable Electronic Devices, VTL § 1225-d.

The Law

The law is quite simple and applies to commercial drivers (who are held to a higher standard) and non-commercial drivers. Non-commercial drivers cannot use a portable electronic device while driving a moving car. The only exception to this law is an emergency situation like communicating the fire department, police, or 911. There are also exceptions for persons who use an electronic device while in the performance of their official duties (i.e. police officer).


Fines have increased over the years and currently range from

$50 to $200 for a first offense,

$50 to $250 for a second offense within 18 months,

$50 to $450 for a third offense within 18 months, and

subject to a surcharge up to $93.

Not to mention a driver responsibility assessment fee that can be issued, depending on a driver’s driving history. If that is not bad enough, a texting violation can also cause car insurance increases, which translates into major money.

Conviction of a texting violation currently carries 5 points.

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