School Zone Traffic Ticket NYS VTL § 1180c

School Zone Traffic Ticket NYS VTL § 1180cDriving carefully in a school zone is especially important because young lives are at risk. This is why the law is tough when it comes to school zone traffic tickets.

The Law

The law allows for slower speed limits around schools. The law that governs school zones is NYS VTL§ 1180c and defines a school speed zone as certain areas that border the highway. And, the law gives applicable time frames for what qualifies as a “school day.”


Monetary Penalties

School zone speeding tickets can cost a lot of money because fines are doubled. This means a diver will pay a lot of money, even if he or she is a first time offender. But, a general rule of thumb is, the more speeding convictions, the higher the fines.

School zone speeding violation fines in New York State range from $90 to $1,200 and depend on the rate of speed over the posted speed limit a driver is alleged to have gone.

Keep in mind that the above fines are for first time convictions. Fines for second and third convictions range from $60 to $1,575.00. This is serious money, but there are more consequences to a school zone violation conviction.

Point Penalties

Like speeding ticket fines, points associated with speeding tickets vary and depend on how fast a driver is alleged to have driven.

1-10 mph:   3 points

11-20 mph: 4 points

21-30 mph: 6 points

31-40 mph: 8 points

40 and up:   11 points

 Suspensions and Revocation Penalties

Remember it was said that the law is harsh when it comes to school zone traffic tickets? Well, punishment in the form of suspensions is a perfect example. If a person with a commercial driver license is convicted of going 15mph or more over the posted school speed limit, his driving privileges will be suspended for 60 days. Or driving privileges will be suspended for a 120 days for third conviction. Read more about the difference between a suspensions and revocation.

 Other Penalties To Keep In Mind

It is also important to keep in mind that a VTL 1180c conviction (speeding ticket) can trigger a driver responsibility assessment fee (DRA). It can also cause major car insurance premium increases over the course of years, which translates into major money. The DRA begins at $300 and increase by a total of $75 for every point greater than 6 points.

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