Paying A New York State Traffic Ticket Fine

After a motorist pleads guilty to the traffic ticket or a lesser charge through the plea bargaining process, he or she must pay a fine to a corresponding New York State court. A court may levy other fines upon a driver, see New York State Traffic Ticket Fines and Penalties.

When a motorist does have to pay a court fine, how to do so part depends on the court handling the traffic ticket. Fines are paid directly to the court. The exceptions are fines paid for traffic ticket issued in Buffalo, Rochester, or New York City. Fines for these locations are paid to the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB).

Each court has its own payment rules. Usually, though, a ticket can be paid by several different ways: online, in person, by phone or mail. For specific payment methods, contact the court.

Examples of courts who have special rules

Eastchester Town Court, Westchester NY allows a driver to pay online at or by phone: 1 (877) 793-9904.

New Rochelle City Court, Westchester, NY requires all payments to be made in person and pro se litigants must pay the same day before the court closes.

Rye City Court, Westchester, NY. For zero point plea bargains, payments must be made same day before a defendant leaves court.

Most courts accept Visa, Mastercard, cash, bank check or postal money order. Most courts DO NOT accept personal checks. It is important to keep the fine payment receipt (for years) because computer clitches can happen and a receipt may be the only proof that the fine was paid.

New York State traffic ticket points stay on a driving recorded forever. Yes, forever. A common misconception is that points “come off” or “fall off” a driving record after a certain period of time. Every driver has a lifetime driving record matters, so NEVER plead guilty to a traffic ticket without first consulting a NYS traffic ticket lawyer. Make an educated decision before you plead “Guilty.”

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