NYS DMV Driver Responsibility Assessment

The Unsuspecting Victim. Marie knew it was personal, that officer always stared her down when she dropped her kids off at the elementary school. Officer Smith had always held a grudge against her husband for losing the baseball championship game in junior college. And that morning had been one of those mornings when your ask yourself, “What else can go wrong?” So, when Officer Smith ticketed Marie for a cell phone and child safety restraint violation, it was no surprise. Giovanni seemed to be a natural born thrill seeker and it was no surprise that he once again got out of his car seat and wave happily to Officer Smith.

What was a surprise was the bill that came from the DMV after all Marie’s fines had been paid. Marie felt her face turning a shade of reddish purple as she read the words “Driver Responsibility Assessment” and “three-year penalty”. WHAT? WHY? Before her incident with Officer Smith, she was very prideful of her perfect driving record and often boasted about it.

The DMV Driver Responsibility Assessment. WNYS Driver Assessment Feehat is a Driver Responsibility Assessment and when does a driver get charged this fee? There are three instances where this fine is charged. First, a driver assessment fee can be earned by a traffic-related alcohol conviction. Likewise another way to wrack up a DMV assessment is by a traffic-related drug conviction; and the last way to activate a Driver Responsibility Assessment is by accruing to your driving record 11 points within an 18-month period. 

In Marie’s example, she plead guilty to the tickets issued to her. A New York State cell phone ticket carries five points and Giovanni’s ticket for his Houdini car seat stunt (child safety restraint violation) carries three points in NYS. Marie now has eight points on her driving record. It is easy to see how quickly points can accrue and trigger a Driver Assessment fee.

NYS DMV Driver Assessment Fee Myths. However, there are some myths associated with the DMV assessment that are worth discussing. True or False? The DMV Assessment fee will go away if you take a NYS Point and Insurance Reduction Program (safe driving course) that credits 4 points to your driving record. FALSE!! The NYS safe driving course is useful to mitigate points for suspension purposes, but points are never removed from a driving record. And, IT WILL NOT AVOID A DMV ASSESSMENT FEE.

DMV Assessment Fee Details. The Driver Responsibility Assessment fee is charged over a three-year period and if the payment is not made by the due date, your driving privileges will be suspended. There are different payment plan options as well as several different ways to pay, including paying in person at a local DMV office.

How much is the fee? It varies depending on the total number of points on your driving record or type of violation you are found guilty of. For example, accruing six points on your driving record will trigger the fee, which totals $300 over three years. Refusing a chemical test or a drug or alcohol conviction will cost you $750 over three years. Remember the Driver Responsibility Assessment fee is a separate and additional fee to the ticket fines and penalties. Also separate, are increased car insurance premiums. The math speaks for itself how points or violations can quickly cost a pretty penny.

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