New York Vehicle Traffic Law § 1222, Riding In A Truck (Auto Truck)

Life changes frequently and because it does, so do traffic laws. These traffic laws change in order to try and keep up with life changes of the public, and drivers in particular. One such law that has changed is New York Vehicle and Traffic Law, Article 33, section 1222 which governs passengers riding in the bed of a pickup, or auto truck. This law controls who can ride in the bed of a pickup truck and under what circumstances. Like all laws, there are exceptions to this rule.

To Whom The Law Applies

Interestingly, these laws apply to drivers who are traveling a distance over five miles. Thus, it can be assumed, those traveling a distance less than five miles are not subject to these regulations.

When The Law Applies

The law applies to an operator or owner of “auto truck” who is driving more than five miles and one-third of the passengers are standing in the pickup truck.

NYS VTL § 1222-2 also places age restrictions on passengers riding in the in the body of the truck. The operator or owner may not be able to drive if there are more than five passengers who are 18 year old or younger.

Exceptions to the Rule

Like all laws, there are exceptions to this law. In other words, this law will apply to driver who are traveling and have one-third of the passengers standing in the pickup truck, UNLESS three criteria are met:

The truck has

  1. suitable seats attached to its body; and
  2. attached side racks of a certain height (3” above the truck bed floor); and
  3. a tail gate (or tail board) that is closed.

Another exception to this law pertains to persons, corporations or agencies operating for public service.

Lastly, there is also an exception to the age restriction. An operator or owner may drive an auto truck with more than five passengers, under 18 year old, in the cab of the truck when one person over 18 years old is also in the cab of the truck.

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