New York State Point System and Your Driving Record

The point system

New York State works on a traffic violation point system. Each traffic violation (traffic ticket) carries points. It is the New York State DMV who assesses points to a violation and the point system is referred to as the NY Driver Violation Point System. It allows the NYS DMV to identify and punish high-risk drivers.

 How points work

In order for points to be added to a driving history, a driver must first be convicted of the traffic ticket violation. Only then will points will accumulate to a driving record. The points will be added to a driving record as of the day the ticket was written, not the date of entering a guilty plea or the conviction date.

How long do points stay on a driving record?

A common belief is that after a certain amount of time points come off, or fall off a driving abstract. Wrong! The truth is that points stay on a driving history FOREVER. Yep, once accrued, those bad boys are there to stay as a big fat ugly smudge on a pristine driving abstract.

Although it may be upsetting to know that points never fall off a driver’s abstract, take comfort in knowing that after a certain amount of time the points no longer count against a driver. This “certain amount of time” (also known as a look-back period), depends who is reviewing a driving record and for what purpose. For example, for purposes of license suspension, the DMV look-back period is 18 months; auto insurance increases by insurance companies, is a three year the look-back period; and for alcohol related offenses, the look-back period may be a lifetime.

Consequences of points

The consequences vary, but include a higher insurance rates, a New York State DMV assessment and drivers license suspension.

How to fight points

One way to fight points is to take a DMV approved Point and Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP). Otherwise known as a “safe driving course.” This course credit 4 points to a driving history and save a driver money on his or her car insurance premium.

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