New York State DMV Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee

What Is The DMV Driver Responsibility Assessment?

It is a fee assessed by the New York State DMV that is paid over a three-year period. This fee is most commonly triggered by an accrual of 6 or more within 18 months to a person’s driving record. The fee is meant to punish or penalize “bad drivers” so that their bad driving behavior does not become a habit.

The driver assessment fee is not be confused with fines and penalties associated with a ticket itself. The assessment fee is paid in addition to ticket fines and penalties.

Who Must Pay The Fee?

The DMV assessment fee is bestowed upon drivers who

  • are convicted of a traffic-related alcohol or drug offense;
  • refuse to take a chemical blood test for alcohol; or
  • accrue 6 or more points within 18 months.

The Cost

The Driver Responsibility Assessment fee is charged over a three-year period and the cost of the fee depends on the reason why you have to pay it.

  • The annual assessment fee for traffic-related alcohol or drug offenses and refusals is $250.
  • The annual assessment fee for 6 points is $100.
  • The annual assessment fee for more than 6 points is $100 plus an extra $25 for each additional point over six.

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