Move Over Law (NYS VTL § 1144A)

What is the Move Over Law?

The Move Over Law, New York Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1144A (NY VTL § 1144A), requires drivers who approach a stopped police, emergency, or hazard vehicle to move over to the left.

The law applies to police, ambulance, fire trucks, tow trucks, and roadway construction, maintenance crews, and sanitation vehicles.

The law says a driver has to “move over” which raises the question: what if moving over is impossible?

 What if I cannot move over?

The law takes into account situations in which a driver is unable to move over. For example, if moving over would cause a driver violate a road marking, sign or lines – a driver does not have to move lanes. The lane change law (NY VTL § 1128) is written with language that makes changing lanes up to a driver’s judgement. In other words, the officer cannot say that it would have been reasonable to move over. This application of the law can work greatly in a driver’s defense.

Being found guilty of the move over law is a 3-point violation. Violations of §§ 1144-a(a) to 1144-a(c) are 2-points. Officers can issue tickets for more than one violation, which results in additional points. Any ticket a driver is found guilty of may increase his or her car insurance premiums.

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