Junior Driver’s License In New York State – What You Need To Know

What is a Junior Driver’s license?

Learner permits, limited-use, and full use, junior driver licenses (Class DJ or MJ) are issued to people learning to drive. Of course, because of the nature of the circumstances, the driving privileges for these types of licenses and permits are limited, or restricted. Meaning there are restrictions placed on the driver – legal “dos and don’ts.”

Did you know? A junior learner permit is different from a junior driver license in that a driver can only drive when supervised. But, a junior driver license holder may be able to enjoy unsupervised driving.

Junior Driver’s License Restrictions

Driving privileges for a new driver in New York State are restricted or limited. The restrictions vary and depend on where a person is driving – NYC, Upstate NY or Long Island.

For example, when driving in Upstate New York, a new driver can drive unsupervised but only between the hours of 5am and 9pm. And the number of passengers who are not immediate family is limited. Precious cargo that is not immediate family is limited to one passenger under the age of 21.

Did you know? A junior driver may drive alone between 9pm and 5am when driving to and from home and  work and to and from home and school. Driving between these hours to any other destinations requires the company of a supervised driver.

Traffic Violation Penalties for Junior Drivers

Just like with an unrestricted driver’s license, there are consequences for a junior driver who receives a traffic ticket or traffic violation – although, the law is somewhat stricter for a new driver. For example, junior driving privileges will be suspended for 60 days when convicted of one serious traffic offense. But, that is not the only way a new driver can be penalized with a license suspension. Conviction of two non-serious traffic violations with a junior drivers license will also trigger a driver license suspension.

Did you know? A “serious traffic offense” is a violation that carries three or more points.

Texting or Using a Cell Phone While Driving

Both violations currently carry 5 points. As such, a conviction of either violation will result in a license suspension for 120 days. However, a second conviction carries harsher penalties. If convicted a second time within a six month period will trigger a license revocation for a minimum of one year. For the difference between a license suspension and license, click here.

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