Ice Cream Truck Laws (VTL §1225-b)

Ice Cream Truck Laws (VTL §1225-b)


“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!”  Did you ever chant this as a child?  Or excitedly wait for the musical sound of the ice cream truck driving through the neighborhood?  Then stare up at the vividly colored picture menu displaying the choices available.  These days even pictures of adorable dogs getting ice cream can be found on social media.

As an adult, it is interesting to learn that there are laws that regulate how an ice cream truck can sell ice cream to the public. At first, this may seem laughable, but these laws are important because, like all laws they create order and provide a measure of safety to the public – especially children.


The law that governs “retail sale of frozen desserts by motor vehicle” is found in Vehicle Traffic Law, Title VII Article 33 §1225-b.  The law lays out three main components that comprise the law in its entirety and sets a fine for violations. These laws are for the safety of the customers, some of who are mini sized and may not visible to traffic.

  1. First, the motor vehicle (ice cream truck) has to be lawfully parked or stopped.  
  1. Second, the sale has to take place on the side of the truck closest to the curb (the side opposite traffic).  
  1. Lastly, the law prohibits, and makes it illegal, to sell a frozen dessert to anyone standing in the roadway.  


Should any of these laws be violated, a fine totaling no more than fifty dollars may be charged.  Though this law is obscure, being aware it exists and staying compliant with it is important – because any fines will no doubt be passed on to customers.

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