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buckle-up It was not your lucky day. You were in Yonkers, New York driving on I-87 southbound to the Bronx, NY to eat at your favorite Spanish restaurant when you got pulled over by a police officer. Even though you were very nice and respectful to the officer, he gave you not one, but TWO tickets – a speeding ticket and a not wearing a seat belt ticket! To make matters worse, hiring a traffic ticket attorney to fight your speeding and no seatbelt ticket is not within your budget. You have to handle the tickets in court yourself. Before going to court, you did a quick Google search and found out that your speeding ticket carries 4 points and the no seat belt ticket carries 0 points. During your plea bargain or negotiation with the police officer, he tells you that he wants to help you out because you have a clean driving record. He says that if you plead guilty to the not wearing a seat belt ticket he will recommend the judge dismiss your speeding ticket. All you have to do is say yes and you will go from 4 points to 0 points. This is a fantastic deal! Or is it? Every day drivers are faced with the decision to plead guilt to a New York State no seat belt ticket. The million dollar, and outcome determinative question is “How much is a ticket for no seat belt in New York?” 

A No Seat Belt Ticket in New York Cost How Much?!

The simple answer is “Thousands of dollars.” Yep, you read that correctly. Pleading guilty to a New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1229 (VTL § 1129) No Seat Belt – Driver ticket can cost you thousands of dollars. True, the ticket itself carries no points, but what most drivers fail to realize is that a no seat belt ticket will trigger an auto insurance increase. Car insurance companies are based on an Insurance Demerit Point or Merit Rating Plan and convictions of certain NYS VTL infractions and violations means an auto insurance surcharge. Each insurance company determines the amount of the car insurance increase and the increase can be for a period of years.